Where lands the ashes of the dead dog when they are put to sleep?

Hello, my dog ​​was put to sleep yesterday and my wish is that he's as good as possible. Of course, I am totally at the end [Seeking no pity], but I would like to know where the ashes of the dog reach. My dog ​​is still my vet and he is cremated ... where he then comes back? (Please not in a plastic trash, he does not deserve)

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My condolences - if you do not want that the ash is disposed of easily, you have to tell the veterinarian that you are looking for a funeral and the ashes will be canceled. There are special funeral for animals, have you googled times in your area. I have so far always done it that I have taken my euthanized animals home with them and have themselves buried in the forest (is not allowed, but it must indeed no mitkriegen) .You have the ashes collect and take care of yourself you about then what to do with it. lg Lilo

Do you have a garden? Then I would bury my dog ​​there. See to it that the grave is deep enough (about 1 m). All our animals are in our garden (dogs, cats and bunnies). If you have no garden, you can also go in the woods and are looking for a cookie. In that case, I would, however it make you "secretly" doing something

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