Where there is such a silicone mold?

Does anyone know where there is such a silicone mold? I need this for work with casting resin

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How big should the be the forms, or how big the figures?
Bakeware were already mentioned it when you need small forms, you can do it sometimes with ice cube molds (or how these things for ice making whatever called) try that there are also in all forms.

In many supermarkets / supermarkets, at Rossmann I have also seen the, the world (has much, also star), Dr. Oetker, Amazon (has many, many hearts)

With Amazon: http: //www.amazon.de/s/ref=sr_pg_3 rh = i% 3Aaps% 2CK% 3Abrotbackform + from + silicone & amp ... on page 2 are peonies, roses p.3, p.4 Flowers + star, .........!

If it should be smaller, Looking chocolates Forms silicone or ice cube molds made of silicone.

Have ice forms as sea animals and fruit from Rossmann (but is already lääääänger ago!)! : :-)

This looks like bakeware for the Christmas season. I would even look on eBay or Anazon.

Tchibo degree there such forms

In Tinker Shop !! They are used also for watering soaps

Look at amazon.

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