Where to cheap but good buy longboards?

I do not mean the Internet

The best answer

less than 100 € you have no chance to get a decent board ... at least € 150 you should spend.

popular and high quality entry level boards with a good price / performance ratio include the Globe Prowler, the Titus Rod V2, or the Jucker New Hoku.

Prowler, and Rod are pretty allrounder, Sliden is with the boards for beginners possible the New Hoku hand, is equipped roll with softer, and is a little lower, so it is rather designed for distance and cozier ride, but it is bad for Sliden.

everything you should make you first thought in all what you, the board then want (do you want zumbeispiel actually slide wilt thou rather long drive or a short stretch, and intressierst you consider yourself downhill?), then I might suggest an accurate setup the accent is suitable purposes.

Longboards are new are below 100 euros mostly poor Qualität.Wen it's your first board you should leave you advise in a skate shop as Titus (around 160euro cost good boards for beginners)

Well, the good ones are not cheap

You can find in stores only longboard from 150 € on the internet you'll find same qualli 100 €

Hervis sports lol

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