where wars I produces a nano sim card?

Good day! I have the I phone 5s zuzulegen before me. But I really need a Nano SIM card. Where can I get this from? I have no contract, what I do not want to. The Sim card should come from O2 but already. And if I did then, I get dan a new number?

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You can change your current SIM also be cut easily (your provider usually provides something in the shop at). Or the data and number are transferred to the new Nano-Sim. Is also usually not a problem. Or do you invite a template from the Internet and are cutting you your SIM itself to a nano-SIM to;)

Do you already have a prepaid provider with your old phone? Then you can easily in a (in your case) O2 go shop and there you'd have to a new besntragen. Here, a small fee may be payable. Let persuade you on no account to the Nano sim from your card to punching, because this will invalidate the 1 year warranty from Apple.

Without a contract, no sim card whether or not nano. And with a new contract you get a new message number.

Can you cut itself is well explained in youtube I Have also done and everything works fine

You can go to the load of your agent and say that you need for the mobile phone a nano sim card that can give you one without that you have to change the number

That depends on how you ordered your Sim whether you have arranged that you want to keep your number or not. If you think of your old just a Nano version want and are ordering off at the o2 stop if you want the new enabling

Simply rushing to a Media Markt, Saturn or other electric markets in, beat the sim card table on then, and say the punch from ^^ but best not in this case sound: D

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