Which breed is the dog?

Question is above :) thank you in advance :)

The best answer

From the eyes I would say repays Weimaraner and Labrador. A sweet puppy :-) where do you live? :-)

Looks like Australian Shepherd - from Labrador mix :)

no race, which is a brown labrador poodle crossbreed, sold under the names labrddoodle, Foreign citizens without EHIC designer dog, mixed race, the prices overpriced, sold by propagators and misconceptions of naive people ... let me the finger of

could be a Labrador-Newfoundland mix!

Longhair Weimaraner puppy / young dog, I LOVE this breed <3

Maybe a Labradoodle (:

For me it looks like a mix. But it is definitely Labrador with Drinn !! The monochromatic brown coat and head are 100% Labi, only the long fur surprises me a little ;-) !!

Nen mix with Labrador I would definitely say .. Vilt with NEM Shepherd but am not so sure!

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