Which breeds are particularly well suited for western riding and natural horsemanship?

Which breeds are particularly well? Besides the "normal" Western Horse

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Quadratic races are always good for Western. The typical Western horses also are all very compact. A warm-blooded with extended back has the wide and heavy saddle likely to fight more than one quarter, but it is, know a girl riding her Hanoverian leisure default Western. Horsemanship can be done with any horse. But if you want more sophisticated lessons ride, but then you gotta rely on the typical breeds, therefore Appaloosa, Quarter Horse or Pintos and so on. Haflinger have become quite good at it: D

NHS's not based race, but after that you can work with any horse.

For Western Riding best suited to short compact horses, but in principle can be any horse with every style of riding riding. The special Western disciplines then stop only with limitations or drawbacks.

Haflinger are often seen as Western Riding. We ride our Freiberger mare also Western.

NHS you can eingetlich with each horse making 8sollte not even the target of this teaching be). In Western, there are really quite a few different discipline ... If you ride at a high level like, you'll hardly the "classics" come convert. because that they have grown to this request in a long time. You can login naturally look for breeds that have been bred long for work Riding in Bezuh on Viehtrieb / hats - .. if it is, however, compete in the "tests" another question ... That would be as Camargue horses or Iberians ..Auch Arab. Thoroughbreds can be seen quite often

Besides Appaloosas and Quarter / Paints sint Criollos and Welsh Cob highly recommended.

It does not come to the race on mood but on the character

That goes with every horse

I would say even curly horses suitable for and are warmly for

Horsemanship you can make exception with each horse as it is only the language of horses

Western riding and / or Natural Horsemanship has nothing to do with the race!

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