Which breeds stuck in my dog?

Hey guys, have since 2 years a dog from a shelter, since it concerned a Fund dog is nothing about his origins or race known. I would be interested just something so everything is in it perhaps some of you have an idea or a specialized eye

Other information:

  • He is now about 5 years old,
  • Withers: 50cm
  • Length from the neck to the tail approach: ca 47 cm
  • If on both sides of the Wolfskralle (do not know if it matters)
  • Weighs 20 kg


  • cuddly, affectionate, intelligent (learns very quickly), strong hunting instinct, very vigilant
  • Generally he is very athletic and has a lot of energy
  • Oh, he likes to draw things as slides, bulwark, if I allow also bike, etc

The best answer

My first thought was, appenzeller or Entlebucher Mountain Dog X amstaff or Labrador ... have after claws not many races, for example, the Swiss sennenhunde or beauceron, partly they even have claws double ...

but nature is a grab bag and you never know what comes out, as for example are increasingly wild in designer dog breeds and where expensive than "race" sold, no one can say how to get out the puppy and are in character

A very handsome dog mustard :) Would towards: Jagdterrier or Foxterrrier, Doberman Pinscher or other, Labrador and possibly Beagle go.

Could say what is not drine: D Kangal and Chihuahua: D but actually is does not matter even if it is already exhausted: D But as long as is so cool, I would because worry: D

American Staffordshire Terrier x Galgo x ???!

At first I thought Border Collie, but then the ears struck me (which are very wind dog typical) and many image the entire head shape!

When mongrels you never know what's inside not vorallen if was through generations mixed.

Could any Terrier with be inside.

I hope you have a real Zugeschirr for pulling sleds and Co?

Looks to me like a mix of Pitbull and Labrador.

But your TA can secure better estimate.


to me that's a staff mix, with my labrador bitch istz a herder mis with staff it looks similar, but has gestrpmtes fell from herder.

ach wat dessert: 3 looks terrier and something out; D but the construction reminds me a bissi to NEN stafford .. totally knuffig: o

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