Which brush for a Norwich Terrier (dog)?


Which is not too expensive, but good, can you brush for a Norwich Terrier (medium length, Rauhaarfell) recommend?

The brush is not somehow thought of as special before trimming or so, sondrn only to normal by brush.

Lg. And thank you for your answers, Lena

The best answer

Our dachshund band likes to be "treated" with a rubber studs-Striegel ...

In the fight against too much undercoat I use for my big dogs love a FURminator ... (to visit various "widths")

The real FURminator is expensive - but good!

a wire brush. This allows the skin by brushing very good!

Something here:

http://www.ebay.de/itm/Bernina-Hunde-o-Katzenburste-aus-feinem-Draht-mit-Griff-1... \_DefaultDomain\_77&hash=item2a4d985b9a

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