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Hello I wanted to buy a new graphics card but I can not decide between all graphics cards. I play gta4, Blackops2, Testdriver2. And I wanted to battielfield4, watchdogs and farcry4 buy me. and I wanted to know what kind of graphics card can play the games very well with no problem but the graphics card should be able to play even upcoming games fluently and I want no more than 170-190 € spend. My pc components: 8gb memory amd fx 4100 Quad Core processor Be quiet l8 500w PSU

Ps: I have a monitor with VGA connection

The best answer

if you do not spend a lot of viewing categories, I recommend a EVGA GTX FTW which is 670 to have used for about 140 €.

But when you consider that you at a 960 from EVGA € 20 return get (211 € -20 €) and still Witcher 3 free then get rather take the 960 but the EVGA. Never buy the cheap € 190 960s that are very noisy during the inaudible from EVGA is

The gtx 960 I've already written you grade

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