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You can not really do much about it I think it is important that belongs you open umgehst with your partner to also tell him when you're jealous perhaps he can indeed understand and ensure that you are no longer so jealous by ye maybe together with the person'll encounter you're jealous or something but otherwise you can do about it, unfortunately, very little you can your partner so badly lock away

Trust is incredibly important in a relationship and jealousy get broken many relationships, so if you want that it lasts a long time, working on your jealousy and try to trust.

Trust is already something good .. But jealous be ( "in Maassen) is also good Kam degree until Galileo :) So n little jealousy is rather positive;.) You have to stop watching and why if you had bad erfahrubgen made partner with the has talk :) much with the partner and halt give confidence a little :)

lock up the object of desire? To put on handcuffs?

No, you can not. But you can make a therapy when it is even too hard. But basically you should be aware that you can not force love and certainly not with jealousy. Either he / she loves you and you have faith or he / she will be something of annoyed that she / he will leave you. What can you do against jealousy, is trust, trust, trust. No control and lack of confidence.

Be self-confident!

Yourself to love yourself first begin !!

stay calm, trust others and nothing ..

Nix diggaaah, nothing! Either you are there or not!

"Man" can do the same against jealousy as "Woman": to dominate and get her / him to trust.

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