Which candy makes the thickest and has the greasiest and the unhealthiest?

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What's on greasiest, probably also makes the thickest.

Cheetos and chips are as sure quite well. but unfortunately not unhealthy enough, since they contain traces of peanuts and potatoes, so perhaps also nutrients and vitamins. The similar applies to chocolate: contains milk, so is also healthy. :-)

So Am unhealthiest likely all sweets with a lot of chemicals and dyes to be. At some what tacky, filled with sweet candy mass with a lot of sugar are as sure quite well - which make not only thick and contain nothing that the body needs, but also to make the same yet the teeth broken. This is then time CORRECT unhealthy!

Sweets that contain trans fats. Otherwise, it makes the amount and fructose foods are also harmful.

Chocolate. But I do not care, I love them anyway

These are mostly the ones taste best. There are many calorie bombs ....

Cheetos are certainly with the top.

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