Which cell phone should I buy? Concrete idea I


I've thought of questioning the talk. I want to buy myself a new smartphone. Do not soo special to be so no € 500 Part aka S5 or so. have currently an iphone 5 which I will soon sell (because of nerve damage on my part) ^^. Apple got so sick. I stand on square smartphones. So so round stuff I find kind of ugly. What have the others is I do not care. Angular, at least 4.7 inches and a maximum of 300 €. 'M themselves on search but would indeed cool if someone knows exactly right and can help me :) Hope takes me this question no evil (there will be someone)

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how about a sony z2 or Z1 is pretty Angular, low and even water repellent. Although find the phone really good is worth not the newest but his money

EDIT: should not be a Nokia. the system windows phone I find not great.

Just come into the chip leaderboard

http: //www.chip.de/bestenlisten/Bestenliste-Handys--index/index/id/900/price/300 ...

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