Which dog breed? I need your advice :)

What do you think: Which breed is right for me?

  • I would like a dog who is quite intelligent, I may wish to then do with him Dogdance
  • He should not be a dual breed ie. no mops or so I sometimes want to do longer walks with him
  • The dog should not be shy
  • If me everywhere accompany
  • Should not anyway be hyperactive
  • Should be small
  • should be affectionate and cuddly
  • Should have long fur

Fits a Chihuahua or a Papillon me better?

The best answer

Just look for a Terrier. Well educated and with daily utilization (walking, agility, other jobs) are not hyperactive. I also have a Terrie.
- They're really docile / smart
- Willing to learn something new
- Have an insane condition (work including long distances) - have for as little dogs really much force
- Are super like dealing (if richtg educated).

just long coats do not have the most terriers. :)

Medium Poodle, medium in size, not too small. They can therefore also be readily used for sporting purposes. Poodles are very intelligent and eager to learn. However, maintain complex, every 6 weeks to about be shorn to look beautiful!

Otherwise, I would also try first time at the shelter, there are many dogs looking for a home, too many dogs with a pedigree!

Hi what is a dual breed ???? If you torment breed mean, I understand the Chi and daddy not .....'re both spoiled breeds that you exclude .... And if the dog cooperates when Dogdancing or not is not because of the intelligence of the dog, but to your relationship ... even the stupidest does it all;) aversion should not be a dog, dogs are insecure and shy, if the holder makes mistakes. Hyperactive is of no dog by nature, he is made to when overwhelmed him permanently. Small dogs there are many damn :) The choice is so huge. Affectionate and cuddly is every dog ​​who has learned to appreciate it :)

What an out of the question lies on a itself, the selection should consider it thoroughly and possibly make you a list of things that matter wirklch as:

as long as you can every day to go for a walk? How many KM since you ready to run?

What allows the cash ?? Breed dogs 900, - - costs € 2,500 to buy, you do not have enough money to drive with a mixed breed from the shelter (about 350, - €) better

How experienced is one with the keeping of dogs, you can always respond properly, or you need a dog who forgives coarser harsh words and not take advantage?

And most importantly, the time factor, the day has 24 hours, including sleeping dogs around the pivot 17-22 hours. This can be a problem if all work and no one is at home. As the dog does not adhere to the business hours of the employer. It may then be that he is tomorrow awake when no one is there and should sleep, when the holders want to come back and still have something of their dog. So you then fall into a vicious circle, because the dog has to deal alone, is still kept alive at the end, which can make it even more erratic,

If the wherewithal exists, I would maybe look towards normal sized Yorkshire Terrier, not the dwarf. When you say, when going for a walk, experience and time factor that can offer her enough for all, would evlt a Sheltie or Mini-Aussie thing, but since you've got very energetic, creative and experienced to be because the naütrlich with hats engines not easy to affairs sind.Sollte the checkout does not I can let put you just close times to go to the shelter :) Do not know if the dog can recognize on my profile picture, which is a Chi-hybrid from the shelter, even a former Romanian street dog. She does everything with, Trickdogging, intelligence games and where she was younger she ran without canvas on bicycle with easy :) Absolute beginner dog and found the shelter :) :)

Chihuahuas are often very anxious. The keifen not because they have ne big mouth and are brave, but because they make the fur and think so can chase away the evil evil dog / man and he does not get too close: P

Would you recommend the animal shelter to look. These characteristics are not necessarily breed-specific, but are linked by the character of the dog.

Maybe you throw a look at the Mini Australian Shepherd. Also worth knowing: www.australian-shepherds.de/wissenswertes/stress_beim_hund

Jack Russel Terrier, you indeed need a lot of time and one should not underestimate as it can be very active and stubborn him, but is an extremely great, clever dog


You can always hang once in shelters around.

Border Collies are very suitable for DogDancing.

Papillon are also very good.

I personally rate yes to Norwich Terrier, you can quickly teach them tricks and they are just very docile. He is not like other Terrier to wake up but still a small bundle of energy. He is not quite as obstinate as other terrier breeds.

For more infor to Norwich terriers you can write me yes.

Lg. Lena

I would like a dog who is quite intelligent, I may wish to then do with him Dogdance

every breed can be intelligent, depends entirely on the individual and Individum herrchen to ... important is also a good stamping as puppies, the since the learning shortcuts are made in the brain

It should not be a dual breed ie. no mops or so I sometimes want to do longer walks with him

many of the small and large breeds are now so over-bred, often by fashion pet (1001dalmatiner or lassie earlier, ect) and have diseases, you can always luck or bad luck, and who not to bring a dog with a grower who pays attention to health

The dog should not be shy • Should I go anywhere with support • Nevertheless, should not be too hyperactive • should be affectionate and cuddly

these are all characteristics that, love of you, your education and colloquial depend

Should be small • Should have long fur

many Terrier breeds have longer fur, are not "excruciating breed" sporty and woken Kerlchen

My suggestion: schipperke, shetland shepherd

border terrier, affenpinscher, bedlington terrier, poodle, cairn terrier, silky terrier, lhasa apso, norfolk or Norwich Terrier

Specialize but not in a race .. Look at the shelter by and look who best fits there to you :)

Dogdance you can do with any dog, so far as he finds it fun. Shy, attachment, Verschmustheit and accompanying is pure Erziehungssache. Hyperactivity is often caused by incorrect feeding, otherwise you can get it under control by education.

You can go for long walks & events every healthy dog. Mops, Chi and Papillon have since the same conditions. The noses are too short in all, the patella often causes problems and spinal cord as well.

Thus, small and long fur. There are some races. Can you narrow down further?

I would go even to the shelter and look around there. Namely, since there anything =)

How about a poodle? Finally, is the second smartest dog breed. Although you need utilization, but also tolerate even a rest day. They are very adaptable and are small.

Small to Medium size Spitz :) Applies to everything

  • Altdeutscher Hütehund -Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
  • Kromfohrländer (smooth hair (?))
  • Sheltie -Elo -border Collie

    Although not all "small" but small dogs do not fit in your writing (at least everyone I know

sheltie, Border collie (medium)

@ Doglover74,

I recommend you to visit various animal shelters and to get inspired there.



You want to do with NEM Chihuahua or Papillon Dogdancing ???

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