Which dog breed is best suited as a pet?

What race is to be the best for a family?

The best answer

It is best if you go to a nearby shelter and talks there times with the staff. They know their dogs and can estimate quite well which dog in what fits for a family. Particularly mongrel dogs are often disease-resistant and less affected by hip dysplasia. In addition to the well are generally older than bred dogs.

Since there is not THE standard family, there is not also THE standard family dog.

Fans of Border Collies find a Bulldog probably rather boring, some people cope with super lively stubborn small terriers, another they dance on the nose. Who will be with you to the dog care mainly? Which type dog fits this person, by its very nature, educational skills and your life circumstances? Look for it from a dog.

Normally, the Labrador Retriever is perfect as a family dog, as well as the Golden Retriever. It shows alone scho mind that in all dog books under Labrador, "Labradors are not suitable as guard dogs because they really like EVERY man" Labrador and golden retrievers are also very often used as a guide dog, Because you are so faithful to give. Here is a link to a site that has written an article on this subject:


Hi! We have always had several dogs of various breeds from the shelter over time and I did and the race does not matter, the dog has to apply to each stage of your life, otherwise either the dog or the master / mistress is unhappy with it.

Therefore: the question is rather: what would make the family with the dog? Will you jog, bike, hike? You have to see for what a dog was bred or the disposition of the breed itself is - to there is no breed of dog that has just developed it to be "there, on the couch - which results in the needs that has a dog lie until he is cuddled "- a dog does work, but fun if it fits.

In other words: so that a dog feels comfortable with you, he needs to canine and racial justice busy and busy and that must ideally match the opportunities and family activities. A Border Collie as needs much "employment", a greyhound much movement. A Labrador, which is indeed often described as a family dog ​​loves water and will also walk ... etc.

So there is not "the family dog" in general, but for a family, the one shepherd and the other a dachshund be. Think about how to live together with the dog should look like or can, who, when, can go out with him, and then you might let the shelter or from a dog trainer / dog school times to advise which race could specifically suit YOU. For example you can also consider different dog run at the shelter to see what the little fellow do so - perhaps "You fall in love so directly in a".

That's my advice. Good luck and friends of mind choosing! greeting

Quite simply the breed / mix that matches the needs and demands of the family.

without the slightest information from you one can not answer there!

WO / how you live? Who has time to take care of the dog?

How many people ind what age to live with you? Has anyone of them ever had a dog? as you designed your Leisure / Uralub?

look there times after http://www.tierfreund.de/der-perfekte-familienhund-2/

Dogs that can fit well into a family

Here is a small selection of possibilities (what is felt to be for or against, of course, depends on one's requirements and ideas from and refers to a dog, to be held as a pure family dog. The enumerated racial characteristics are also dependent on the particular individual and of the socialization of the dog):


Beagle Junghund for happy families where someone is always home and where something is always going on. Good to keep in the city, especially because of the overrunning of the Beagles on Dog Walking works better than in the forest)

per: Most highly compatible with other dogs, mostly open and friendly to strangers, little overall aggressive behavior. Hardly guard instinct. Robust, yet manageable size. Playful and mostly in a good mood. like Go walking, but do not need a dog sport.

counterproductive: Strong hunting instinct (freewheeling in isolated surroundings hardly possible). Very own head (which makes education difficult). Remains as hounds dog rather reluctantly alone home. Very greedy (which also refers to trash, compost heaps and sweets lying around).


Photo: tsuacctnt / flickr well suited for more peaceful families with older children who want to participate in the utilization and education of the dog

per: The small size and willing to learn, enthusiastic nature by children to lead already in dog sports, or children can be involved in the employment and management of the dog. Active, playful, easy to train, gentle and adaptable. Is love always with you, walks like and to inspire for dog sports, this is not overwhelmed. Stranger dogs and people reserved towards more (which can be seen as pro or con). Usually hardly hunting instinct.

contra: relative sensitivity, less suitable for very turbulent households. Bell joyful.


Photo: active, happy families that do not interfere Greg Westfall / Flickr at his bad image

per: Very willing to learn and adaptable, playful and almost always in a good mood. Low guard and hunting instinct. Normally friendly to strangers and dogs. not Haart.

contra: Especially his image as Granny dog ​​... must regularly Hundefriseur since dead hair stuck in the fur and matted to long coat.

Bernese Mountain Dog:

Berner Sennen dog for families with house, who appreciate a sovereign, self-confident dog that needs little Keep the fun

per: Robust high-threshold (can hardly bring calm). Good watch instinct which is limited generally to monitoring and reporting. Hardly hunting instinct. Balanced and rather quiet, likes to go walking, but also tolerates "rest days".

contra: Adults Berner are mostly little playful. The ideal would be a house with a garden (at least the Bernese should run as few stairs to the apartment and, of course, takes place). Such a large, powerful dog needs a very good education, to pleasantly take him to the public. Education and walks are not to pay by an older child. Can be on his land rather territorial strange dogs and human beings. No particularly healthy breed, with rather short life expectancy.


Photo: Family Ralph / Flickr for families who appreciate a confident, more independent type of dog who loves is still active with it. The output breeds the fledgling breeding are Chow Chow, Samoyed and Wolfspitz

Each grown with the objective of achieving good "family dog": robust, strong nerves, adaptable. Like long walks, is quite active and persistent, but do not need a dog sport (and will also usually not). Hardly hunting instinct. Stranger dogs and humans to more disinterested, but not unfriendly. Wax engines exist on their own land with many representatives, but without tendency to overreact.

contra: Adult dogs are often gambled only moderately. The autonomy and a certain guard instinct you have to like.

Golden retriever:

for active families who enjoy traveling in nature and like to delve much with her dog

per: Normally open and friendly strangers and dogs over, even as an adult dog still playful. The retriever is a hunting breed that has been bred for close cooperation with the people: it brings corresponding will to please, enthusiasm and work and joy of movement with. Hunting instinct is usually well controlled. Hardly guard instinct. Nerves and adaptable.

contra: Since the race is very popular, it is unfortunately very interesting to propagators who look mainly on the money and not out to breed healthy, mentally strong dogs. Look closely at the breeder choice! Loves water and Matschpfü

It depends on the particular family

Many great mixing Lige from animal help, but at the pedigree dogs rather Retriever, Mountain Dog, Bobtail, ... look easy on service dogs. There you findets suitable for children Hunde.Bitte let this spoiled breeds out of consideration. ;-))

It haunted many races, but the question is whether her this fits.

Given but you need more info.

  • Dog experience?
  • How long is your own?
  • what you want to do with him?
  • etc

without this information it is not possible to recommend a race.

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