Which dog breed is best suited to us?

Hey, My family and I (m, 13) would like to buy a dog that accomplishes the following characteristics:

  • He should during the week so about 8-14, so can 6h stay alone, without being all destroyed or aggressive ..
  • The non EXTREMELY lots of exercise needs ...
  • With that, I can go alone Gassi (ie that if he pulls me not anywhere hinschleift or do I always keep it on a leash)
  • The playful and gets on well with children.
  • The NO chiwawa or GIANT DOG DING is ...

Which dog breed would you recommend?

The best answer

works best when the shelter, there are many dogs that are already trained and which certainly one suits you! In addition, the dogs are there vaccinated, microchipped and healthy !!

So can 6h stay alone

A puppy would not therefore come for you in question, because a puppy may not be alone gelasssen so many hours. / Should! Only dogs are already accustomed to long time to stay alone !!

Buys you especially BEFORE purchase books on dog ownership, care and education !!!

@ nilaso

With your ideas you will not is familiar with dogs suggest a.

What does YOUR with for conditions that you enable to keep a dog humanely?

Then you are looking at a dog from because YOUR life depends on the dog's needs.

Who has the time, a dog that gradually teach of you, that he will get used to being alone? If you do that the first day is wrong, then you have a dog who zusammenjault you all and can take you the apartment apart.

You can not leave from one day to the morning a dog for hours alone, the daily.

Also you have to educate him so that he will not ravaged the apartment

Also you have to educate him so that he does not become aggressive. A dog is only aggressive when mishandled and not properly educated.

If you do not have time for a dog to him - go out several hours a day - - depending on the breed then dispensed. Depending on the breed it is not enough time to briefly run around the block. Or (if available) to let him into the garden walk. A dog should out its business done.

Also you have to educate so that it only runs on a leash properly and also that he is available to your dog.

Not every dog ​​is so cuddly and not every dog ​​is suitable necessarily for children.

No dog is finished brought to you, that you have to do yourself and if you are all so long away from home, then I wonder, when will you spend the time to train your dog properly.

Chiwawa Chihuahua glad, because you should also know.

You should only times times look in your case together in a race guide the individual races and study the properties, whether because every dog ​​is suitable for you.

Then you makes you smart, what costs are coming to you.

Buys a dog on any display pages, because there is a sweet dog image and because the dog is offered extremely cheap. For classified ads to buy a dog, one has not seen before.

Only when you have been read to you knowledge first of all, only then you go to the search.

Search at Google times after the sides:

Dogs purchase from the grid

A dog comes into the house

Dogs purchase, what to look for

What does a dog

Mama I want a dog

Wishes you much fun Read

I would recommend a Labrador! These are simply my favorite Dog! They come very well with children and can also good times longer stay drinn! And playful are definitely!

But ultimately everyone must decide for himself so which dog best fits one! Some people like more smaller dogs others more to larger!

the whole family should agree whether large or small, ALL DOGS NEED SUFFICIENT OUT !!!! ::: Social interactions with other dogs ARE IMPORTANT. Perhaps wait a little longer.

Before you buy a dog you should still read the here:

Pro-argument deliver: Dogs promote the social behavior of Kindenr and adolescents. They learn responsibility.

But here a few cons that you should consider well (which are now not necessarily mean negative, but food for thought):

1.Jetzt a dog is great and interesting. But a dog is about 15 years old. What is the situation in a few years? You want to do and work training. Who cares at this time to the dog?

2.Hunde need time. You have to go out with him in all weathers. really you do that?

3.Hunde are expensive. Who pays for the food, the control, the vet bills? Can you afford that in training?

4.Also you want even on vacation. Who will take care of the dog?

5.Hunde need education. Are you yourself already so well established that it's easy to assume that? Are you consistent? So..genug educational blah. Dogs are great family members, but also have claims. So speak together times and at rest on this issue.

check it out at the shelter ... EIn puppy can be no more than 3 std alone I would let zubleiben alone after an adult dog search of gewönht is so long

otherwise I'd rather take small breed of dog, the bedneke a pedigree dog with papers from 800 € cost usually teurer..bite endorse any _Schwarzzüchter or private people who want to make money with poor puppy! no matter how cute are ....

peep it out by pointed, papillion and other small breeds

Which dog breed would you recommend?

A stuffed animal, you will a living creature does not do justice.

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