Which dog breed is better boxer or Labrador?

I would want to buy me a dog and did not know what breed is very friendly.

Fallow urgent help :(

The best answer

I would rather recommend a Labrador. Versatile, with good education also friendly to other dogs, very sociable, playful and inquisitive. Boxers have pronounced lips and therefore drooling even more if you can handle it, ok. However, I have homemade with my own dogs experience that Boxer frequently - like German Shepherds - respond aggressively to other dogs. This may be due to the education course, but me noticed, because that's otherwise rarely happens with other dogs.

Take 2 so a Labrador and a boxer, then they can play together :)

Which dog breed is better, you can not answer, since the question is not sufficiently specified. A Labrador say after that he is "fond of children". Although I would rather assign the predicate Kinderlieb a golden retriever. A boxer in the family I do not know.

I'd rather you advise a boxer who should be according to my experience and family friendly Labradors are somewhat clumsy and "stupid" (Looking at the movie Marley & Me :))

Both are very friendly, but if you're a beginner, I would opt for a Labrador.

There are also "Boxador" I think ^^ of a hybrid dog. A cross between a Labrador and Boxer

But first you should make you thought if you time, money, etc have a dog, a dog is not an object, it takes a lot of attention.

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