Which dog breed is it? And where can you buy?

Hello I found this under chiuhaua pitpull Mix Is it really so? And where can you buy? Thank you :)

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it looks like this. Do you have to look on the Internet or at the shelter if a check like that. But if you are dog owners, a pit bull is not suitable for you;)

The money can not buy, because it is a hybrid. If this is a new so-called "designer dog", absolutely not touch it again. There are plenty of races and also enough hybrids, so you do not always need to invent new 'races'!

Above all, it is always at hochprisant mongrels, because you never know which character now by coming from what race.

If a dog which shows from a breeder, an animal shelter, or a good animal welfare Orga !!

LG Melanie

strange dog. Is that a photomontage? ^^

Why is the head of the dog much larger compared to the body?

And: Everything that has to do with "PITBULL", falls in Germany under attack dog-order. That means you pay up to 10 times as much tax, need special attitude and have many many editions!

... As you have already pretty odd preferences be to maintain this dubious result of photoshop assembly for imaging a breed dog ...

Prospects for the puppies of this breed I would at the Edelzuchstätte for unusual and special dog

STEIFF with the button in the ear


WHY do you want to have exactly this mix?

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