Which dog breed is it and where do you get such a dog from?

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Whether this is a torment breed or not, can be discussed seriously. But one thing is fakt, those veritable designer pooch distort the last bit of natural treatment of animals. He was just waiting bred to look as teddybärchensüß. The animal behind does not matter.

This breed is Pomeranian-Pomeranian. So a dog you get the breeder. Cost point about 1200 EUR!

In the picture of the dog is shaved and trimmed coiffed, normally they look different, have actually long fur.

Because I love this breed? :)

You love the breed although you do not know how the race is !?

Inform yourself about character, care etc ... These dogs have a thick undercoat and if the dog is not adequately maintained regularly (well combed and brushed), swirl the hair through the whole apartment!

best from the shelter. The poor dogs are just waiting for an owner. Dear breeders less support. In shelter live enough poor animals.

The question is worde already asked 1000000000000000mal. It is a Teacupspitz-also called Pommerian!

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