Which dog breed is it? (The Great in the picture)

Hello :), down on the image (the big dog) which breed of dog is that? And the ears are born so, or were they docked?

I find very beautiful dog with erect ears and am considering a pick up. However, I would not have hilly except the dog from the shelter and has been docked. Then I would like to end his suffering. Could you me dog call who are born with prick ears? The best bit of the appearance like a Doberman :) hilly Just nothing, except it comes from difficult as the shelter.

Looking forward to your answers:)

The best answer

This is a German Doge (my granddad has such a) ... I could tell you 1,000 more breeds with stud ear ... Ex: French bulldog, Jack Russell Terrier ...


what breed of dog is that? And the ears are born so, or were they docked?

German Great Dane with cropped ears. Earlier, the Danes were docked, for several years it is forbidden!

Who cares because of the giant?

The little one is a stunner. :-))

That's a Doberman.

Definitely a German Dane with cropped ears.

German mastiff

German dogge I think

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