Which dog breed is pictured here?

Can anyone tell me what breeds were crossed here me? Sure, I'm only the shepherd, which is indeed tens are there races ....

Which dog breed is pictured here?

Is it perhaps a Belgian Sheepdog Boxer Mix? What do you all mean?

Thank you so much!

The best answer

I would strongly tap Labrador.

Boxer may be, but are now so rare that one rarely encounters Zufallsmixe, even if after the danger dog regulation gradezu a glut occurred :-)

Amstaff could also mtgemischt.

As might well be Mali have dabbled, but since everything may have been.

In Greece, a friend had a dog, so a typical beach promenade, as are common in southern countries. The had a litter with pups, each more beautiful than the other. The all looked like Groenendaels! And then the campsite operators resembled a tourist who had just a Groenendael in his place! From the litter I've taken a girl! Only real connoisseur of race have ever noticed that Miki was a mix!

So, a boxer I do not see here, too. Rather something like a cross with a Leonberger or a retriever, in which the long-hair has not enforced.

A boxer I can not see, but expect Malinos have mitgemischt or a German mastiff.

which means for you that you are safe with Shepherd? do you know the mother? of looks like a Fila Brasileiro or Broholmer ... how big and heavy it is? certainly was a case molosser

Malinois, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Labrador ..

Can be an old pitbull

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