Which dog breed is right for me (beginner)?

I soon get the first dog !! Spoilt for choice .... Seeking a suitable breed. The dog should ... - Short smooth coat -anhänglich -not afraid of strangers -verspielt -no runner digger or Springer -40cm-60cm--15kg 25kg -möglichst -Easy pretty maintain -my grandmother taking care of him / her during school, sometimes can not prevail if dog on a leash pulling, etc. - min. 7 months -In and around Munich -Anfängerhund -no Pug

Thanks in advance Tomoko

The best answer

Fox are quite tough, ie are not too fast ill and are therefore very easy to clean. However (as the name suggests) a Buddler- with endurance. But just as a beginner one has a lot of fun with the dog, he is very eager and smart. I myself have a fox terrier bitch and soon will be added a further (castrated) Fox ... Both enormously easy care!

Although has long hair which (not so often) must be combed abundzu but is a super beginner and very frugal: Elo

So, I myself at home a Labrador.

What I can say is that this breed is fixed totally on families and children. You can always put on the Internet read ...

In principle, it is so that each dog is different from the character ago, however, the Labrador breed is fairly popular.

And kanns only friend, who gets a very sweet :)

Have fun :)

If I let him read, the dog does not exist.

The best he hears perfectly, never have to get out, will never get sick ....

Buy yourself a stuffed animal if you have such claims.

A stuffed animal !!!!!

Every dog ​​is different, you can no expectations for his nature and behavior make! For you is a dog absulut falsity

The only thing I say to this is education.

My Rüdin is EXACTLY as I might indeed times email NEN image you have Instagram?

PS is no plan as the race

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