Which dog breed is suitable for Agiliti or Dogdancing

My mother and I want to grow us in 1 or 2 years a dog. Now I wonder what breed is well suited.

I would like to make or Dogdancing Agiliti. In addition, also teach a few tricks.

My dream dog is a boarder or colli Australia Shepherd My mother would rather have a small dog. Would be a suitable Papillon?

The best answer

However Pappilons are very klein.Aber if you now not just a Bassett or brings you so go the things that make doing with each Hund.Border Collies and Australia Schappert but need a lot of employment and movement.

a Border Collie or a Australian Shepherd dog are working and usually underutilized by such Traniing - very clever undelernwillige dogs are for example means Poodle (one should not always so bloede fudge) -but these dogs have fun with it ...

A papilon has a Stumelnase again and already suffers from shortness of breath normal ...

With Dogdancing I have not occupied myself, but I do with my Shepherd Agility, and in the group is everything from mops over a Beagle up to Mongrel verteten. For small dogs, the obstacles may just not be set so high.

You can make ubd tricks with each dog Dogdance, Agillty. You have to adjust only the height of the jumps.

I have two half-breeds that make places Digdance elements and Agillity with me.

you can do that with any dog ​​...

only you have to adjust the size, the exercises or obstacles.

Everything goes. 3

For Aggi and DD goes almost every dog. Condition that is it is not too large (at least in Agility. Shoulder height no higher than the tunnel diameter (60cm).

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