which dog breed might be stuck in our mongrel?

Hello my dears,

We've brought a mixed breed from a shelter. Originally from Romania and she is now 9 months old. What interests us purely out of interest what might be stuck for a race in her. Do you have ideas? It is very slim and athletic. We have attached two photos. Thank you ever for your ideas :)

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That was a picture of a young Carpatin, looks really similar here an elderly which your :-)

http://www.ajutor-caini.ro/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Ciobanesc \ _romanesc \ _carpatin \ _ADULT.jpg

Hello, I also have a Romanian mongrel and I felt like you :-). The fact is that there are only 2 recognized herding dog breeds are in Romania http://www.hirtenhundewelt.de/pages/073-car.html Definitely you have a herding dog mix;) I can tell you only that it at this beautiful half-breeds can often be a real guessing game. After 3 years, I know that in my Madame not only a Romanian shepherd dog, but also a Spanish! Hunter Infected - the Podenco ... Have fun exploring the racial diversity of the Romanian mixes.

Hi super handsome dog :) With so mongrels it is always quite difficult to say what was inside. Would also towards Shepherd (perhaps even the infamous Atlas Shepherd) and Sheepdog tap, but I have not found the name, the guard dog I look at the color, the shelter sometimes had then dogs from Hungary, which looked exactly and since I know these were hats or sheep dogs and not quite so simple in nature.

a very schooner dog: 0 ... br looks like a typical mustard dog from ... lots of different breeds ... definitely well schaefer dog, possibly somewhat Nordic and quite possibly even a kangal ...

I would to the stature it touch the inside a shepherd is (although the color fits non but may indeed from the other side come Bernard or something ...)

very nice dog! vllt properly schaeferhunf and one probably even kangal. if hers want to know exactly dna tests there where the races are determined :)

I wanted to my last post even attach a picture, however, was as a copy to focus .... therefore now as follows:

ttp: // which dog breed might be stuck in our mongrel?


Unfortunately, at this link are not stocked all races described with pictures - but maybe you'll still clues.

Your dog is really beautiful !!! :)

This looks like a Collie.

Sorry, the technique does not want as I would have liked ... It should be just the image and not the entire page ... I hope it works now :(

http://www.ajutor-caini.ro/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Ciobanesc \ _romanesc \ _carpatin \ _ADULT.jpg

I think she has a lot of this breed, a Carpatin.

Somehow hats something of nem American Akita. I Find: D

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