Which dog breed? (Mittlegroßer, white dog)

In the appendix you will find a photo of a dog. Can anyone tell me what's in this mongrel me? I just know that there probably should be a beef with it. Shoulder height is 44 / 45cm. And his tail he wears not always "on the back".

What do you all mean?

The best answer

Looks like a mix between sharp and Chihuahua (head shape) and I think that there's a medium sized dog has dabbled. Therefore, the shoulder height of 44/45 cm

Spitz I would also say, and I think he has something, even if it's unlikely a chihuahua ^^

A pointed, white medium or large Spitz plugged safely indoors. As for the other part, all of this can be possible and can be narrowed slightly more than on the basis of characteristics.

in the head in front of the plug a little chiwawa I think

Spitz, Samoyed or so comes out well. Definitely what Nordic. Just look at times images from nordichen races.

medium sharp, japan pointed, volpino italiano, american eskimo dog ... Samoyed rather no ... breeds the others are not to unterscheiden..ich einfachso would most Estonians to American Eskimo dog tend

hm of size German white Giant Spitz :) Is the fur original as long or do you let the lop something ??? If it is pruned I were even so bold and would go out of a thoroughbred;)

I have the notes not to but gedehen just look under kangal

Looks like a white Husky :) I already often seen

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