which dog breeds stuck there ....?

I have are half a year a dog from the animal welfare and could I not say exactly what breeds in it stuck ... I was at a veterinarian demand of said aufjedenfall Shepherd and Husky ... but I liked everything but'd know a DNA test is too expensive for me. So I want to know from you whether you vllt. so has and one probably a similar dog. knows what is still everything in this box.

Shoulder height: 51 cm It is black and light brown on the feet the head and abdomen. Very long legs. A standing and a bruised ear Catches mice (strong hunting instinct) And they can grin ..: D

The best answer

I had to read without your text Husky X German shepherd typed ... and with your statement that it has a strong hunting drive, that would be almost bestättigt ....


but nature is full of surprises ... once got a dog seen, proven hybrid between Siberian laika and bracke and the dog looked like a purebred malinois

Shepherd is clear - Husky could also agree. Is a beautiful animal!

The problem is hybrids are usually mixed generations. Because nobody knows what's inside. Vorallen because does not come through any race from the look.

as well Yorki with in it could be. who knows

Congratulations! A sore beautiful dog! Think of the TA is right in his assumption.

I agree with the vet!

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