Which dog food I take now only? Bzgl. Stiftung Warentest

I Warentest specially bought the latest edition of the Foundation for the dog food and am now totally confused ... Because just lost the feed for our Luna cut with DEFICIENT :-( And all I believed: knowing my over dog food ... Is now away.

And just the pedigree section from having very good at what I do not understand the basis of the attractants, the flavor enhancer, cereals and sugar!

Instead is written that the dog is not so much lean meat but it will take more offal to be ... I know it but just the opposite ... offal yes, but limited ...

Our Luna gets "Real Nature"

Barfen comes to us out of the question, because I have too scared to do anything wrong and makes you not right, you done more harm to when the dog has to use: - /

Well burning interest to me if I lie now wrong and the food is bad or if Stiftung Warentest just spread trash ...

Finally, I want only the best for our dog ...

Thank you in advance for your help :-)

LG Marla

The best answer

I have switched to the advice of my vet a few years ago on Wolfsblut and am more than satisfied. Great fur, beautifully defined muscles, clear view, no flatulence, feces well in color and consistency, digestive well ... you can tell him that he is doing well and he in his skin feels well ... in short order: we are very satisfied.

As this food has performed at Stiftung Warentest, I do not know - and I tell you honestly, I do not want to know.

I rely as dear to the experiences that I myself do so. My dog ​​gets his food very well, I see no reason, as something to switch ... and you turn your Luna have already longer and it gets real Nature good, I would stay in this feed if I were you.


I would not give heed to the test. What exactly was because tested? And who has given and paid for this test in order ??

So I was last year intensify with the topic "what should get my dog ​​just to eat."

I am of the same opinion as you, Barfen would be nothing for me. also afraid to make Hab something wrong or not be able to buy good meat, etc.

I give my little after a long search MaxidogVit beef from Reico and we are totally satisfied with the composition. It has a very high meat content and it will use only natural ingredients, no attractants etc.

Googel it a try and look, if it could be for you or your dog may also be what :)

So first, the Stiftung Warentest is renomiert right, the spread probably not litter ...

However, you have not written purely, has why your previous feed so poorly.

If the test result has thrown your knowledge of the pile, then you've got to catch up.

As for small animal food, as there are communities and forums where you can to learn more, eventually everyone has even started. And so much go wrong that you hurt your animal ersthaft you can not if you blaspheme use good judgment :-) In the long run it would do your dog determines very good!

I dare you but also to create your own food for you! So no false fears.

In the meantime, you can always hang transitional reorient away from your current feed.

or whether Stiftung Warentest just garbage spread ... The report on what they tgesten, not about what you think the idea to test it.

In all previous Hundfefuttertests the foundation was tested all possible (pollutants, fungi, declaration, ...). What was never tested was whether it is at all suitable for the diet and whether the requirement of the species-appropriate feeding corresponds according to the Animal Protection Act. So for indfos obn the inside is what it says and how much of it is in dog and whether dfa mushrooms in it, daf + UERT good for the stiuftung - if it really should in the dog for you is not good!

Forget Foundation Warentest.

Barfen comes to us out of the question, because I have too scared to do anything wrong and makes you not right, you done more harm to when the dog has to use: - /

Sure you can make it what is wrong, but you have to be pretty stupid to generate as wuiirklich bad for the dog. What do you think because what havoc fertigfrass? It iost muittlerweile detectable dfurch statistics that the dogs troz better medical care are less old. Namely, since the introduction Trocklen and fertigmülls.Troxckenfutter results einemn faulty wasserhausjhalt the dog and can auzslösen problems aged kidneys and Magemndarmpüroblem and dental. A Value Trofu would Wolfsblut or Orijen.

Something Better wet food. Here would be a good and Landfleisch bezashlbare election. But real nature is not bad.

Our Lienchen was poisoned and got 5 years specialized fodder, she slept 20-22sdtunden / day, unused medicine, wear incontinent ... Now she is gebarft for 1 year (because of the toxic effects Kompklexen we calculate the from professionals). Result: sleeping only normal, fitter more alert, has ideas, needs only 1/3 of the medication, no longer incontinent ... better is almost impossible.

For Lina we have the nem professional (learned among others Swaanie Siemon) can calculate. Www.barfers-liebling.de But there are certainly others who can do that. Read Otherwise books - there is a lot (always completely read in some comes at the end of even elementary important).

Totaly it comes down to what we say about eionen month everything in it is what Wuffi needs - the individual Mahluzeit is there rather subordinate

Change you can immediately do, only bones adjust only very little and watching the feces, dog must be because only it.

Our Tibioma (warped Nörgelfresserkönigin) has now formed Duch to feed finished garbage ne allergy - With Barf it would be spared an d she had 12 years not already 6 teeth less.

Barf saves a lot of money in Endefekt. It does not cost more than a decent finish lining and has less cost for the TA (gwerade aged dog)

Finally, I want only the best for our dog ...

Then there gibtz only one: BARF

Hi, your problem I share laughing. Did my bitch over 3 years the Real Nature fed until this year without problems. As of December it started, she no longer wanted to eat and also to'like any confusion scratched. Since then I've switched to Teilbarfen (Teilbarfen results from the quantity of frozen meat which I forgot to thaw: D). Since that's itch again history and eats normally. However, the test has me now very insecure, there also it says that that can make skin problems that my yes now had. Sorry, we have made the investigating unspecified, were probably the vet because the first thing I thought of fleas, but has found the vet because nothing flashy, so he has identified as an incompatibility. What I proceed yet been fixed until today.

What extremst bothers me about this test that the nutritional concepts behind the not stuck were taken into account. 'M probably not the only one that her dog Vilefalt offered herself and has changed between the varieties every day. And that was not taken into consideration, I can not imagine that any sort of the same substances containing .... must however agree with the feeding recommendation was really too high, my have their being counted daily portion never completely aufgefuttert.

But the cereal with sugar and pork is healthier, I can not imagine. The funny thing is yes that the fault that some food have too little B1 holds, therefore, the products win contain pork and grain, because yes because most B1 is inside. What is incidentally produced by the dog in the intestine itself. The remarkable, who although all more B1 in it, but by the amount of sugar it can not bring, because B is 1 burned by the elimination of sugar vitamin. And what is also allowed, discounter food and pedigree not confused, are totgekocht and at the end come powders purely to meet the nutritional needs, the make Maschienen after porgrammierten recipes since then in each dish, the same inside. With natural fodder such as Real Nature or Terra Canis is wavering since the renounce something and zuückgreifen natural things and nature is not as perfect as the chemistry lab ....

Is the way already Fertigbarf;) which is then Barfen in Simple: D Thaw, stand up and ready;)

At Stiftung Warentest you should not leave you. Their conditions of a feed has nothing to do with healthy and appropriate nutrition.

Real Nature is a good feed. I would be even the whole wheat pasta with stag & hen (grad was the one I was grabbed for comparison) interfere, but otherwise that's ok. Also good would be Platinum and White Fang. Respectively as can.

There are now well enough reports that Stiftung Warentest in the industry simply does not look exactly the important things, but rather to look, price and such a lapidary things.

Bezüglicih Barfen, I can still only guess, to do that, because can do much wrong not when you feed as follows:

  • mindestes 70% meat (offal, bones, muscle meat, tripe, omasum) of 3 different animals such as (beef, lamb, chicken)
  • in the 70% meat should 15-25% fat be included, because the dog draws the energy (not from proteins and not from carbohydrates, the burden on the kidneys too strong)
  • 30% pureed vegetables and fruits
  • quality oils (salmon oil to Omega 3 balance, linseed, pumpkin seed oil, evening primrose oil)
  • No cereal!
  • No sugar!
  • little to no carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, pasta, etc.)

We Barfen for 2 years and ichi believe if you do not try, you do something wrong already. By Barfen you in the first place the possibility to feed the dog really healthy. That you have with formulas never right, because there are always some additives in it, which must be declared nciht, the meat was previously always cooked / heated and then the vitamins should automatically be added artificially back. Fresh Vitamins are always preferable to artificial. And if you feed as described above, you can actually do anything wrong.

I know people that their dog with feed cheap fodder and those who Barfen and all dogs are top fit. I myself am very satisfied with wolf blood. let you do not tamed by such tests, if your dog goes well with the feed, then let it be good.

I would not let me influence since so your dog is not got sick right? If not I would pass on the food but is just my opinion

"Instead, wrote that the dog is not so much lean meat but it will take more offal to be ... I know it but just the opposite ... offal yes, but limited .."

I do not know that to be especially nutritious muscle meat. on the other hand I have been instructed that giblets with the most important, because of the wide variety of ingredients, was. for me that is also understandable because only muscle meat strongly going towards unilateral nutrition.

So, I can only speak about my cat !!! The gets "your best" from DM ... dried fodder from "Perfect fit" is obviously inferior "animals". But my cat eats no other. Ask me also ....

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