Which dog food is better and why? Meradog junior 1 or Josera Minis best

French bulldog

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Let the dog decide which he prefers! The manufacturer, if it does not come even from the same household, are controlled, and give also trouble, but they want the whole dog's life to sell you their product.

Puppy food is probably better adapted to young dogs.

Both are not particularly good. Platinum, Orijen, Fang and Markus mill include popular brands in dried fodder. Where there are large differences in quality here in between the individual varieties. Especially with puppies you have to make sure that the food contains calcium in the right amount (not too much, nor too little) and that is not just given some. Especially Orijen is for puppies often unsuitable!

I have months rummaged through various foods and info pages and have decided ultimately for White Fang. You have many different varieties, so I easily can do move the chuck and offset any shortcomings. Namely always looked funny if the ingredients are well quality and no crap like sugar in it. But whether enough vitamins are truly contained etc., no one knows ultimately. One can only hope.

Composition Meradog junior 1 dog food:

Poultry meal (30%, chicken), maize, rice, barley, animal fat, corn gluten, animal protein (hydrolysed), beet pulp (sugar removed), linseed (2%), brewer's yeast (dried), egg powder (1%), salmon oil (0 , 70%), sunflower oil (0.40%), sodium chloride, chicory powder (= 0.20% inulin), calcium carbonate, yeast extract (dried = 0.05% beta-glucans), mussel powder (0.03%) ,

Composition Josera Minis Best:

greaves; Corn; Rice; Lamb meal 11%; Cornmeal; Beet pulp; Salmon meal 6%; Poultry fat; animal fat; animal protein, hydrolyzed; Sodium tripolyphosphate 0.35%; Sodium chloride; potassium chloride

Incidentally, Junior for puppies (which is incidentally also pure moneymaking) and Josera Minist is for small adult dogs.

In both foods too little meat and too much other garbage inside. Greaves are pure waste of Rindfleichindustrie, very inferior. Meat meal and poultry has nothing to do with meat. Rice and corn has not lost in the dog.

For me Josera hears after better food, but I would neither come into the house, since it has just not enough meat for a Fleichsfresser.

Look rather for a high quality wet food of Platinum or wolf blood. There other Makren with high meat content or Inform yourself directly over Barfen ( Www.barfers.de ) that would be the healthiest feeding for your dog.

Neither !!! After all, it is at the 2 varieties to dry fodder, but dry feed (also grain-free) is indeed declared dog food, but it has nothing to do with appropriate nutrition. - On the contrary: It was man to man developed (keyword convenience), but above all: disease-inducing.

Justification: It is both harmful to the teeth (the starch residues lie down as a viscous, sticky coating on the teeth, which calculus favors) and the kidneys (dry food absorbs water and therefore lowers the liquid level), that is, a dog must ever 4 to 8 times the amount of water extracted fodder take to size in order to keep it, which is not an animal possible. Mach himself to test and dripping water over the dried fodder; you'll see how quickly it absorbs it, and nothing happens in the body of the dog! Thereby the stomach lining loses some of its protective layer and makes him more susceptible to gastrointestinal irritation and inflammation, which can turn into ulcers. Since the feed volume doubled absorbent conditionally, even painful bloating can follow. What added complication: He Starts first drink, has the dehydration (loss) already used - often with serious consequences for long-term administration, such as diabetes (as kohlehydratlastig), kidney failure and premature death Male animals are due to their long urethra more. more prone to urinary stones etc .. Furthermore, dry feed is often the cause of obesity, cystitis (as less urination), itching (as dry skin), constipation and acidity (which the cancer risk increases), and depending on the storage time and location can mycotoxins (mold toxins) form, which are not always apparent to us humans. The risk of feed mites in addition -kot (allergens) increases with incorrect storage as well - sometimes even raw materials are already contaminated with it!

Consider also: In puppyhood you lay foundations for future preferences that shape. In other words: The sooner he is brought to poor nutrition is more difficult later change of diet!

Although any layman can come by itself it by a little questioning of the facts, or have you ever seen a dog on the field of grain? And if so, then possibly to hunt prey. Even to the symptoms of insufficient kidney show until ¾ are the fabric already ruined. At some point they are no longer able to even slight Dehydrationen (z. B. by vomiting) to compensate, which is why the disease characteristics also can occur very suddenly. to designate a kibble dog as healthy, can thus be faster to misjudgment than you think ...! Fact: By such unhealthy food he suffers a permanent fluid deficit, which is in the truest sense of the word to the kidneys.

. Judging by the fact that the dog is a prey animal eaters, the best choice would either Barfen or wet food administration with high meat content without cereals and sugar, and with 2% Ash Recommended wet food varieties would include the following:

  • N * TUR plus
  • W * lfsblut
  • Pl * tinum
  • R * al Nature
  • T * rra Canis
  • d * gz finefood
  • AD * stopherus and
  • R * nti (all available in pet shops)

... Where I would give fodder with more than 2% Ash not only ==> may reduce renal performance and promote bladder stones!

I hope that's enough extent of information.

Guck less advertising and try both out and then decide. :) LG

You choose between mediocre garbage and waste mediocre. It's pretty good for matter-both nix!

Our Belgians will gebarft since its 10 weeks and is now 6 years - everything supi. Our TA has in the last race even denied ne blood test because SIOE says the one you look everything is OK.

Our Lienchen was poisoned and got 5 years specialized fodder, she slept 20-22sdtunden / day, unused medicine, was incontinent ... Now she is gebarft for 1.5 years (because of the complexes we have toxic effects let us calculate the professional ). Result: sleeping only normal, fitter more alert, has ideas, needs only 1/3 of the medication, no longer incontinent ... better is almost impossible.

For Lina we have the nem professional (among others has learned at Swaanie Siemon) can calculate. But there are certainly others who can do that. Read Otherwise books - there is a lot (always completely read in some comes at the end of even elementary important).

Totaly it comes down to what we say about eionen month everything in it is what Wuffi needs - the individual Mahluzeit is there rather subordinate

If you TZrockenfutter necessarily want to give: at least 60% meat, no grains, no sugar. Orijen or Wolfsblut would be my recommendation.

In wet food Landfleisch's a good, cheap alternative

Are both not the best grade ... Because too much stuff in there that does not need a dog.

I barfe

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