Which dog is friendly by nature?


I would like to bring me a Doberman or a Rottweiler as a pet.

My question is, which one of you has one of these races and can say something about the nature of these dogs? I have also informed a lot and that would not be my first dog before again stupid answers come :(.

The best answer

I am a Rottweiler grown dogs have compared to the Doberman less charming threshold that is this presented in the posture / voltage and possibly with growling because you should know then ok I let you because times alone in the time course utter ..the Doberman runs rather back without growling and submits to children over rather is geduldsam and is probably something like ... the running joy is in the Dobermann enormously runs like also on a leash during the Rottweiler travels with the same step height ... but not less running happy is ... Doberman is a one-man dog a second time to convey is more impossible it sticks more to its owner is very sensitive with a heavy hand one should not educate for him but used with consistency Earlier people and security guards is this he now more family dog ​​he however has a very high-speed joy short-distance runners with high rate, I would see him more in running ... jump obstacle is rather difficult and tunnel crawl our is always too quickly it performs the exercises and learning quickly but this one he will always much too fast in the tasks barely over the obstacle of've already talking about the tunnel back out which is in my opinion at its high pace while I in running and driving search games very good experience .. he also draws happy little expense ... he is extremely alert and had a great protective instinct but rather a quiet representative no beller or barkers is the Rottweiler but not with my experiences there rather lie I experienced the Rottweiler strangers rather skeptical while our Doberman everything welcomes equally happy and all his snout is in the womb, it needs full attention and tends to burrs or is very dependent and calls this a rather with the Rottweiler has no problem to withdraw ... Apart from the force and the body is the Rottweiler rather broad and strong contrast, the Dobermann looks rather graceful Without dog experience I would beginners to neither of the two races advise as unsuitable beginners and training in contrast to other cups already demanding .. the Rottweiler is more suited to a single absolute often two man BUDGET the Doberman I see more in family ... because I know both lawn I would rather opt again for the Doberman but which is also partly because he I am still horse owners and in this breed conjunction with rides into the terrain rather than fits with Rottweiler and because me the essence and joy running holding the agile nature against it captivates the Rottweiler rather clumsy acts ..that but my personal opinion ... full-time professionals have to these two breeds little joy you yourself should also be a Sesselnuffel and the remote control as a best friend describe you should you ever joy of movement have such walks walken jogging cycling Hundesport Since the urge to move the two dogs is already enormously ... 3 x Tgl gassi for 30 minutes each insufficient .. am with our Doberman up to 6 hrs on Tour with stall horse after a short break our will immediately jump back and pull another 6 hrs as if nothing would be wircklich not be underestimated

I can only speak about the Rottweiler. The essence of each dog is different, fundamentally, I think, however, there are already similarities. Our Rottweiler was a very good guard dog, cuddly and really always a very quiet contemporary, he can do anything with it, but the fence he was very angry. That may also related to the education, my father wanted that he makes there Rabatz to burglars to put a hurdle in the way. Otherwise you can leave a dog according to your ideas train, a pit bull is in the right hands, a gentle lamb. The fact is the Rottweiler he is a very cozy personality, very loyal and he bites it can hurt powerful.

The Doberman .... pros and cons ....

Disadvantages: apart from the costs, you will not have much free time. The Doberman is considered a "one-man dog" does not mean that he does not accept other people, but he "clings" to the velcro stage. He may not be particularly well alone. loves his people above all and is nothing more than his shadow.

Although the Doberman just in Brandenburg on the list is (Category 2, which means that can be the danger refuted by a character test) you will have the dog struggling with prejudices gegnüber.

Education is not easy when a Doberman, because it has a stubborn, I have never seen in another race. He will test you a dog's life over and over again. Weakness on your part are shamelessly exploited to his advantage ....

Qbwohl you, as you say of yourself, having dogs experience, you should look for a good dog school you definitely, violence free work. Has the coach Doberman experience, the better .... Even experienced trainers have been brought by Dobis their limits .... also I was allowed to experience several times ....

Are you a breeder near? Den you could ask if you give him from time to time look over his shoulder darfst.Dort you will be able to learn a lot ....

Read! In the period before the acquisition you should buy good books. Books from the Animal Learn Verlag are highly recommended!

A Doberman to educate so that he is "everyday use", is already a small feat. It costs a lot of nerves, time and patience! Absolte consequence is indispensable !!!

You should also be aware of it, that you will 3 hours being outside in all weathers daily, good that you should work with any dog. BUT .... you can not run a Doberman and work (eg tracks, Agilty.ZOS, Obedience, Mantrailing), he makes you possibly life hell! Nothing is worse and more annoying than an underutilized Doberman !!!!

So, these were already Altmulig disadvantages.

But there are also advantages :-)

If you can do it all, you have a loyal soul at your side who goes with you through thick and thin. An elegant beauty, not for nothing it is said, the Doberman is the aristocrat among dogs .... For me there is no more beautiful than my Doberman asleep in her arms, to wake up with him, and to spend the day with him.

He is a balm for the heart!

Think about please well, if you're really up for this dog, if you want to accept the challenge! If you have the slightest doubt, then let it be dear and choose a breed of dog that is not as demanding as the Doberman

Hi basically every dog ​​is friendly to irrespectively of race, sex, color and the people, it always depends on what man makes of it.

Was once so freely and have you times visited and your questions read through to be able to recognize types man in the hope of your profile. What strikes me spontaneously, sometimes just bought a cat without having inquired beforehand. make irrational decisions such as martial arts, if you are hemophiliacs. Through the issue with the litter box, I'm thinking this is not ye a lot of space, if you have not you can change a litter box. Then irrational fears as Ebola ... Then the degenerates a dispute on the Internet until the planned brawl. And in September you were still a student could imagine that you are doing the same thing at the moment?

I think these are not the best conditions to educate a dog, if you yourself irrational, erratic and very spontaneously ist.Bildung seems to be there, but I'm afraid there is you possibly puberty still in the way of .... .I would suggest you have a few years to wait until you yourself will calm and happy you are with the dog;) and dogs are not really different from us humans, so that you unfortunately can not make blanket promises, as the race charackterlich is on it, because it can be very different from dog to dog just ..... because you're just seems very impulsive, you can quickly confuse or gängeln, so that he no longer friendly, but stressed, nervous strong a dog and also is impulsive .....

Both dogs can be very calm, loving and cuddly but also disobedient and aggressive (So like all breeds ..) all depends on how, and how well you train the dog

This question can not answer you. It depends on the education and especially the treatment of dogs. A dachshund can be, for "fighting dog" when abrichtet him its owner like that. The other way around hann a Rottweiler be a absoltes cuddly creatures.

This is not at the race!

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