Which dog suits MIR2

Hey, I have in front of me to buy a dog, I'm not so not 30 min 2 7 hours per day at home in one piece 3 times h

The best answer

As hard as it sounds, under these conditions: no dog!

Dogs are pack animals, and even if you are visiting him at noon he will suffer. No matter what breed. How would you feel if you must not go to the toilet 3.5 hours no matter how much you have?

It will go wrong, and if the dog is bored, he will seek employment. chew eg on furniture and shoes, carpet fringe pull out, scratching through the doors or devastate the sofa.

A dog is a family pet, where prop. Someone always has to be at home, or max. 2 - 3 hours is left alone - a total of the day !!

None. Every dog ​​needs the first year around care until he can long remain alone needs that bit of training. The acquisition would be pure egoism and not for the benefit of the animal.

Let it be, for it is precisely at the beginning of the animals need a lot of time with the owner.

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