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Hello, I'm looking for a dog to be held friendly and simple. Have also heard it called "mini-labs" are. Is there then Mini Golden Retriever? And which dog is best suited for a "beginner"?

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Hello LuuunaaxD,

So that is consistent with the Labrador, but with the Golden Redriever because I have my doubts.

You could indeed times you inquire at the shelter, which is suitable for a dog for you.

MfG Angelika

check out Dogs voice to because you can save for the dogs have an EU passport are vaccinated and sometimes even a dog Castrated by 270 Euro. I have my dog ​​from there and it is so grateful.

No race is inherently easy to educate. And the friendly nature has often to do with education.

Try going to the shelter and let advise you there. The people you can then also say something about the character of the dog.

More important than what the dog can offer you, however, what you can offer him.

No dog is easy to hold, every dog ​​need a lot of time.

Mini Labi are only hybrids that are sold expensive.

do you even know how much work does a dog? have an idea what a dog costs?

there are no suitable beginners dogs ... you buy first a book. einHund is not to push this as your confidence ...

All mini varieties are extremely unhealthy for the conservation of each breed.

Mini-dogs have the oh-how-sweet-and-cute-is-the-because - factor. That is all the rage at the time, and especially girls with little knowledge about the dog ownership want to have this Verzüchtungen ...

Read it over Teacup dogs, dwarf varieties and also torment breeds of dogs ...

Then you will probably think differently about these small bred dogs.

Special beginners dogs do not exist.

How old are you?

Maybe you like him some day with your parents take a trip to the shelter - there you can watch dogs and especially you will advise there also which dog could probably fit into your family.

No dog is easy to maintain!

Pug or French Bulldog and possibly even chihuahuas

... A Rottweiler ... Seriously, a healthy mongrel would not be the better alternative?

Labradoodle, very clever dog!


all minizuechtungen qual breed and usually have stunted organs ...

very easy to keep dogs are zuchtstaeete "stiff"

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