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Hello, I am 15 years old (male) and am zuzulegen.Jedoch a dog I do not know what breed would suit me. My parents work in a dog refuge and could the dog when I have school nehmen.und with the labor education tips I get from my parents or staff in dogs Hort. I also often go to the dogs, and therefore have a little experience. I would of course go much with the dog walkies because with us near it namely a forest with whom I walk kann.Es also has a large meadow near where I go with the dog also könnte.Ich'm sporty and would the dog also like Hundesport unternehmen.Jedoch I do not know if the guard dog's workout in Switzerland allowed. I also prefer larger faithful dogs with which one can do something. However, our apartment is not sooo great. To socialize the dog can then yes with the dogs Hort. you know might fit what breed of dog to me?

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Wait a little longer with their own dog. You are still very young, love adventure ... starting ... hanging out with mates and later career choices happen. A dog needs his family (pack) no Dogsitting. It can be up to 15 years old and you can not just him again deport if you're his grown weary. Maybe you are looking for you first time in the neighborhood a foster dog for a walk and supervise. You will wonder how much work makes an animal ... thinking please again about everything.

If it may be slightly smaller, the Duck Tolling Retriever class for each type dog sports (except protective services and the world needs and the dog does not) and in a very pleasant size for everyday use.

In character super dogs can take anything.

Here can you buy dog ​​with 15 years still garkein. No shelter or breeder assigns Dog to minors. Why did your parents because not yet brought?

if you Schutzhund Training / Dog Dancing / dog sports plan, then inquire you a question with an organization in your area that you would then visit which breed they would deem suitable.

If your parents have been actively involved with dogs, can certainly contribute soch also experiences.

Basically you should think about agility (hundedport) instead Schutzhund training. For this purpose, border collies is very good

The puppy needs to age-matched pups and not only zuerwachsenen dogs. So in you Welpenstunde..und for socialization is one more than in Huta zugammeln with other dogs.

You can do protection work with any dog, it is nothing else than a game for the dog.

In addition, you can buy absolutely nothing, not giving a child a dog ...

Your parents have to buy the dog, pay and take responsibility, so ask your parents welchr breed they want. For they have indeed the work most.

Labrador because Pitbull / Amstaff are indeed mad dogs have also a but in Switzerland a list dog oh there must some join to the character test

Why do not you at the shelter if you can find there a suitable dog. Must indeed be nothing Purebred, and even a hybrid can be.

Strange question for someone whose parents are dog professionals. Labrador and Golden are entirely unsuitable for Schutzhund, pitbull, allowed to not carry you. Let alone make a Schutzhund training at your age.

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