Which dog would suit my family?

Hello As it looks, I've finally made my parents on a private dog convince. I am 13 years old, have two younger siblings (5 and 8) and we live with both parents in a village with country house and garden. I go in the morning at 6:30 from the house, my mother and my little sister last around 9am. I'll come up 1:30 back home and could first go a round with the dog. Then I'd do homework, etc. I am 3X a week from 1:30 bi at 4 am home alone and would like a dog than employment, so I'm not so alone, etc. My mom but only allows a maximum of knee Hochen dog, I but would also nix smaller one because I do not want him to death with a stick or ball ... but he should also be relatively easy care, because we never had a dog.

What race would you think are right for us?

PS I thought of Sheltie, Australia Shepard or so ... PPS I have made x tests always came something else out there.

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I live in a semi-detached house (my family, Grandma Grandpa) it would be okay if the dog while I'm in the Schulw at grandma and grandpa's left?

I would go to the shelter! And the hats breeds you as call are nothing for you! With whom you have to work properly, otherwise the dogs are challenged and possibly even aggressive! Such dogs are just what to spend the adult with whom every day a lot of time and work and invest money ... the time you but not had and probably you would quickly pass the interest in such an elaborate dog !!!! Get your s cute little mixed breed from a shelter, of course, no puppies. ;) But in any case should then visit her regularly a dog school, but one that responds to the dog and not only targets commands and walk!

In the situation I advise as all first of a puppy, because the requirements to be allowed six months not at all alone.

Even an adult dog that needs but first learning and 5 hours daily is the uppermost limit. Since then allowed to come in between no delays or something.

From an Aussi, I advise you. For ye have not certainly the time. These are workhorses need 4-5 hours real work. go 1-2 hours Gassi which are simply not adequate.

The online tests you can kloppen in the bin.

Let you best times to advise in a shelter. Because it does not depend on the race, but on the character. Every dog ​​needs two hours spout and jobs daily. Also for the head. Let you there times to advise which dog would best suit you. And then you looked at the time to live. If it goes click, it is the right thing.

But remember, you have to you then the next 10-15 years to take care of the animal daily. So every day at least 2 hours of employment. Whatever the weather.

Oh ... forgot: Man kills small dogs with NEM Ball: 'D course you should not half trees but to throw the little dogs are dogs and not stuffed animals that must betüddeln only! On the contrary, one should let his dog dog! There are no accessories or dolls! Even Chihuahuas are originally been times predators and can bite etc!

A puppy you can not leave them alone in the beginning. Even an adult dog you can the first time not just leave alone.

Puppies need alls 2-3 hours out and can not be left alone at the beginning, to bring the highest for the garbage.

If your parents are unable to take leave several weeks / months falls out a dog.

a sehlti or Aussi are nothing for you who need a lot of employment.

All the test are always idiotic. Buy yourself first books and read times what it means to habrn a dog vorallen a puppy.

For heaven's sake ... please forget it sometimes quite quickly ... you can but an Australian Shepherd not to long hours alone condemn from 9.00am in the morning until noon 13.30Uhr ... no puppy is allowed only until he about six months old ... And bringing a puppy being alone in minute increments at ...

There are many dogs that fall in the middle Great type - this is not the problem ...

Generally, I advise: there is no real love for animals when a dog anschafft and already knows that he has to spend every day 4 hours longer alone !!!

Hey, so I would recommend an elo. This is still a fairly unknown breed. I myself have a small-elo bitch and it is very easy to maintain. Nevertheless, one must of course take care of the dog! Google the race just once!

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