Which is the best processor for Socket 775?

In advance, does not come with: I want to buy me n new motherboard. Which is the best processor for Socket 775? Price does not matter.

The best answer

The base 775 is so ancient. But the best CPU may have been the QX9770 Intel Core2 Extreme Processor.
http: //ark.intel.com/de/products/34444/Intel-Core2-Extreme-Processor-QX9770-12M -...

I still have a fly around, I'll sell for 5 Mark and 38 Pfennig

If the price is matter then buy yourself but simply a new motherboard

If the price does not matter, you have to advise to nem new MB you willy-nilly. In fact, one time more cpu's for the base are not available, and then forever expensive.

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