Which jobs from 15?

Hello I am 15 years old (male) and am looking for a job and wanted to ask what I should do so and how long can I work legally Thanks

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15-year-old allowed to work or up to 8 hours per day up to 40 hours a week. The working time may only between 6 am to 20 pm. On weekends and holidays, work is forbidden - except in hospitals, restaurants and in agriculture.

In work of more than 1 month the 15-year-olds is holiday: under 16 years: 1/12 30 working days, under 17 years: 1/12 of 27 working days, under 18 years: 1/12 of 25 working days - each 1 month expected work.

Breaks: Who 4.5 to 6 hours does: 30 minutes, at more than 6 hours 60 minutes.

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