Which language is easiest to catch up? Help!

Hey :) I would like to change school (complicated story;)) and then but have to make up three years language. I have the choice of Latin, Spanish and French. Inasmuch as quite a lot of material to learn in three years, etc., of course I want to learn the simplest language. What is it? Latin, Spanish and French? Thanks for your answers :) LG Lotti

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Take the language that interests you most. Latin, Spanish and French to all quite similar, of course, with the difference that one no longer speaks Latin.

catch three years, is very difficult, but with ambition goes much.

want to make up Can Latin, you'll make it. My friends had to learn Latin grammar in 9 weeks. Of course, they did not speak them afterwards perfect, but Caesar and Ovid could be read afterwards. :)

As for Spanish and French, I would advise you to an intensive course abroad, if you have the opportunity. If not, then get yourself. Definitely a teacher and / or language partner So what goes on the Internet - italki.com for example.

In general, I would advise you to seek your instructor, no matter what language you decide for yourself. Ask best sometimes the teachers and other students your new school for help and ask you which textbook they have used for the language. Let you advise in the bookstore which books are best suited to, to learn a language, half in self-study, half with support.

Personally, I would advise you to Spanish. Why?

Because Latin you ultimately does not help much if you do not just need it for later study. I liked Latin at school though, but in the end it was the language that I have wasted the most time - for almost nothing, except that I have a few met nice people in my course.

Although French is a beautiful language, but the debate is the beginning rather difficult. After some time, of course, no longer has a problem with it, but since you have to learn the language in a relatively short time, I would advise you to Spanish.

The pronunciation in Spanish I think is easier. From the grammar ago Spanish is about as French, so there is not much difference. And should you one day nor French (or Latin) to learn which is also not a big problem, because the languages ​​are quite similar.

but I advise you to decide for themselves and to see the answers here merely as suggestions. :)

make up to 3 years is naturally violent but that you can do. I would tend also most likely to Spanish. I had Spanish and French, appeared to me the Spanish grammar a little easier. As it stands in Latin, but it I have no idea. I wish you success! ;)

First of all:

You can not three years language instruction in parallel to the lessons to catch up. This is completely illusory. That goes with any language and on any school.


You have not written, in what grade are you in, but I suppose that you are going in the 9th grade. You have to let yourself advise you on the receiving school, what they can recommend you / offer.

Most Gynasien offer from class 10 a foreign language at neubeginnend for high school students who move to high school.

Since there are usually at each school a language.

We once had a case where a 9th-grader has come to our school for a move. He had learned Russian at his old school and there was not with us.

=> The timetable of his 9th grade was then so umgebastelt that he then when the other students had French, classes of 10th grade so could participate in that he was able to visit the Latin-Nine beginner course.


Conclusion: The idea that you can "relearning" three years is wrong. Go to the possible new schools / school and let yourself as personalized advice, they can recommend or offer you. No one will ask of you that you nachholst alone for 3 years.



Latin. Is anyway ne dead language which you need anyway can not because no one speaks. Is also much easier because you have anyway only to learn the grammar is easy if you understand it and only translate. In the 6th year we had the choice between Latin and French. Almost everyone chose Latin, if we compare ourselves to the other in the French course, it is easier for us. But if you really want to learn what and speak the language like want then just Spanish or French most Spanish.

I would say Spanish or French. but Take definitely a tutoring them.

would say Spanish, French is simply ne stupid language, in any time form sounds the word changed disgusting, I do not like French ^^

think Spanish is because then easier because you because at least so write as you speak it, in French that's really depressing

Latin is also ne good language, but because they are not longer speaks ^^

in Latin, the time form clear rkennbar, there are 5 cases (ablative comes to) but was eig easily


I learn even Latin (6th year of learning) and French (2nd year of learning) next to ancient Greek (3rd year of learning) and English (8th year of learning) in my school.

I would recommend Latin! However, there is the following problem: In three years, you have the entire grammar through, so would you have now within a few months the whole Latin grammar teach. We have entered the fourth year in the original reading (Caesar and co.). In Latin you have but lucky that you have to learn never speak it. Clear you must begin the debate be known (which is already at the beginning of important if you need to distinguish between e and consonant conjugation), but as you have just lucky that you can do it to teach you in the end alone.

In French and Spanish you get the only way, if you stay there for at least a year - you can see that this is not possible, Self language is quickly teach solely in Spanish and French practically impossible, if you have no one language speaks fluent. For example I have the luck that my aunt speaks French to C2 level (she has lived there for 15 years), so I can practice it. But I would definitely advise to you Latin.

If you have questions let me know. :)


I would take Spanish, because I believe that it is the easiest language. I now have Latin and I would you advise against it because I find it hard and you always have to learn because mjt.

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