Which laptop is for mixh suitable?

I want to buy myself a laptop, which could cost up to 400 €, but if possible less cost. I need him to load, dvds to schsuen and working on it, so write applications to songs on my cell phone, presentations and the like to prepare. To gamble or like I definitely need him not only to work, he should also have a good battery (if possible 5-6std). What laptop you can recommend me? Thanks in advance (:

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How about this?


why spend 400 euros? Know it, everything breaks down by year!

When my two almost simultaneously were broken was clear to me, to me deserve no hundreds of euros more. Property me for gesammt 60 euro bought two cars!

If the break I made 30 Euro per loss. Case of need a new battery, it would still total less than 100 euros.

Lass, if you too have money, it will transfer me ;-)

hi I have the Aspire E17 E573145SB is of acer is super good and also with bluthooth (sorry if I write it wrong) and good webcam and so has also so cost around 400 EUR only the battery life is a maximum of 5h 30min many greetings and good luck

So I was doing real access to a brewed. Eg you could remember about amazon buy a used thinkpad t410 Just type in the search bar a which should offer thee entirely.

SKCH youtube 'best laptops for under € 400 "there is certainly out what. but eighth on the upload date

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