Which Mainbord you recommend me?

Hey guys,

I'm still working on finding me a PC, or the parts that I want to install. I therefore once the "heart" of what you think about these Main Bords:

http: //geizhals.de/ cmp = 987445 & cmp = 987449 & cmp = 981527 & cmp = 1111453 & amp ...?

Can you give me them recommend one ?, or any others? I wanted to move the Main board as in the range of max 90 euros, I would like that this still goes for a few years.

The mainboard should be compatible in any case with NEM i3, i5, i7 or Xeon be (I have chosen the right Main Bords?) Maybe you can send me directly already recommend a processor, while I have not committed myself.

LG and thank you David

ps: if you still bock me a graphics card would rauszusuchen the genuine fully nice (so I was not even busy)

The best answer

Say your budget and I'm asking you a good pc together.

In general, I can not say which mainboard you take shalt because I do not know what other components you have or what you bracuhst it.

how much of the cost pc overall? only then I can graka thee, and cpu recommendation

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