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Still too young you do not worry about it

what does that mean to the head? sry am 11 lol

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In what context it? In general I would say that they are still too young, to deal with this (subject?).

If you were now been clever, you would have in its reply to the other question just made a comment with this question, but after you that was too stressful, please let me explain. You are only 11 years old and then speak already of love, so that you were in love with a boy who hate your girlfriends more ... The user then has meant that you should make you at your age still no thoughts about love. .. That is with time on their own ...

I stand before your door to pick up the electronic toy, with which you can not yet prepared to deal with.

Practiced voluntarily or we have to leave?

That is as much as you do not worry too much :-)

such as:

not think about it

do not worry or thoughts

Do ='ll make you a head not worry (worry)

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