which music genre is the most popular?

which music direction is best heard from you?

The best answer

Rock, grunge uä, NuMetal, Hard Rock, Metal, Punk Rock, Metalcore

From me? This is almost exclusively True, Power and Heavy Metal.

Nagut, Folk Metal, pagan metal, 2 times 2 times NDH and melo Death are also included.

I listen mainly Black, dubstep or techno, and sometimes pop. So mainly American stuff

Japanese and Japanese music I hear the most, but I also hear many others like Sportfreunde Stiller, NIGHTWISH, Rihanna, and so on ... so much content

Trance, Dance, Rock, Metal

2Pacs legendary rap music and not this MuschiRap from Germany

Dance & Trance

Rock and pop.

Reggae, rap, and to sometimes techno and goa.

Stop what you want, I häte as anything ... cross field ...

The origin of all music genres. :)

Black HipHop.



Unfortunately. ;) \ M /


Probably Country

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