Which muzzle for dog w. Poison baits can you recommend?

In our area it is getting worse with designed poison baits, we are now but set us a muzzle. What can you recommend for this purpose?

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The best stable of metal, since these do not bend. If a dog aufhat a plastic muzzle and record something from the ground wants so he can bend these so would enable it poison bait. True that the stable muzzles always doubly evil of help but the best! Just do not do one please: take no muzzle loop !!! This allows the dogs their catch not open and can not therefore abhecheln which is important for their summer temperature! It may therefore happen that the dog overheat, worse not excluded!

My take muzzled on even small treats from the ground, I hardly think that a muzzle to minced meat, sausages etc protects.

A dog must Maul grain can still panting otherwise things are animal cruelty.

Außersem must bear first be practiced what depending on dog certainly can take months.

Viellleicht helps this link:


Depends on the size of the dog, but please muzzled and not as a part where the dog can not make your mouth

Unfortunately protects a muzzle not from absorbing prepared poisoned bait.

A muzzle is biting-can frustrate the dog ...

Easy handling is a muzzle for the dog only possible if it can still panting well and lick around the beard times.

And please learn from now on every day with your dog that he can not take off the ground and also the "command" "give out !!!"

The animal in the shop are you can better advise later :)

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