which of them? computer selection ?!

So I'm looking for a normal pc for my school stuff halt and I like to play minecraft, I have two computers found that I would find not bad but wanted to ask when jmd. who knows if that would be suitable -medion Erazer A101000

-medion Akoya P5278 E

thank you

The best answer

These PCs are not bad (for ready-PC), but for Minecraft and / or school stuff you need not so expensive PC. There are clearly more favorable, creating Minecraft also. In addition, a best homemade.


No ready PCs! This is important. What's your price budget, can sometimes look if I can put together something.

You want to play ? Then take your money somewhere else out, but not at Medion. build it yourself is cheaper and you have better hardware.

Ready PCs are rubbish! Building itself together, benefits brands Interested parts one knows what's inside makes the assembling Bock) disadvantages for beginners bit difficult but today we have youtube where there are thousands of tutorials ^^

Building itself together

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