which phone is better for you?

Hi what do you think is better Iphone or Samsung Galaxy because some say as many as what do you think ???? :)

The best answer

So I think I would take sony got for christmas one and am completely zufrieden..aber because you had yes or Samsung iphone addressed, I'd rather Samsung'm nehmen..ich personally not a big fan of iphone .. that's my opinion :)

I've had experience with both smartphones. However, I have long been a perfectly happy iPhone users. I personally find much better iPhone also features forth. The camera of the iPhone is better than the Android phone. iPhone can offer much more. However, you can send an iPhone no songs.

Iphone is better but also more expensive, with please just ask Report: D best you famous both at what is best for you: D

While an iPhone is more expensive ... But it is better and you are you having a good very good super good SUPPORT !!! JoooLN PS: Stop by me!

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