Which pool and skins for my drums?

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Hi, Mr. Stoner14! These are actually both "matters of taste" and a bit of influence, what kind of music you play. And since you indicate no budget, it is also difficult to say what concrete.

Let's start with the skins on: there is a good set of skins can already bring about a significant improvement - I have experienced with my old set itself. So I would say, do not buy too cheap furs. With regard to the assembly, there is absolutely different philosophies.

There are single-ply drumheads, which create a bright, open sound, two-ply drumheads, which yield a particularly powerful, deeper sound. The latter are used mainly for the style skirt. Single-layer and coated (rough) skins are often used for jazz. Most snare drums are equipped with coated skins.

One differentiates between drumheads between the so-called impact and the resonance skins. The resonance heads are thinner than the batter heads generally.

I have on my as batter heads the two-ply Emperor Remo and the ply Ambassador (also Remo) as resonance heads. I'm very satisfied with the facilities.

At Thomann there way to a pretty good guide:


The pool: I can you really be no real advice - well is there anything goes. I have looked for my old set, which only in the rehearsal room (because no longer roadworthy) is and I have no desire to constantly back the pool and forth to carry on the internet vendor moderately completely different, more low-priced pool (2 Splashes, China , 2 HiHats, 2 crashes and Ride) together increased - and until I had some that work well together for me. The pools, which have me then did not like, I just sold again. In my "good set" I Paiste and Zildijan Basin. Mir is important that the sound "like a family" sounds, eg the 16er Crash has a similar, but higher tone, as my 18er crash and does not sound completely different. But that is a matter of taste. Either you start sometimes a series of tests, or you go to a drum shop and try on a few of which fit your budget.

Thus, a concrete recommendation is not made, but perhaps a few tips for you have been doing. Greeting Don

Sorry got the text forget ..: D

So I got a Yamaha stage custom (pretty old model) and am currently relatively dissatisfied with my skins or pool.

What I like best pools that do not resonate would (something like Zyldjian A Custom cymbals). What would be the best value for money?

The skins I know myself from not too good: / because I can anyone empfelen a rounder brand?

That depends on the taste of gannz I recommend for example basin sabian

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