Which race has the dog? Avc

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Hello dear / r GFNutzerRS,

This dog looks to me like a Howavart if you know how old the dog is then I could probably find it out better.

But it could also be a shepherd be a mongrel I think is possible.

LG lissysdogs

Because the shepherd is obviously very strong.

Whether purebred or not is difficult to detect. But I would rather not say this, but it can not explain really well.

Schäfermix from an eastern dog detention

This could be a Howavart or Mongrel. In general, hybrids look like

Howavart Sheepdog mix my guess ..

Well, is that your "new" dog?

It could very well be a mix Sheepdog Hovawart perhaps ...

How did your journey went well with the new dog ???

Well, buying a shepherd worked to 30-50%, if I understood correctly.

Schaefer-hovawart-mix I would say ...

German shepherd mix or hovawart evtl.auch

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