which respond to such a stupid question?

I hardly contact to my family. My uncle wanted to know if I have sex / sex and / or me masturbating. we talk / chat most a few times a year short, and then so stupid asking. I'm grown up, but find it inappropriate. I present to me?

The best answer

No, to ask such questions is an invasion of your privacy. Whether the author is part of your family, is an adult, child, older or younger than you, the same sex as you did or not.

It is your own thing and you do not respond to it, if it is unpleasant to you. This is not a prude, that's just not only answer your personal right to such questions.

I would answer: please manipulated me ever again such questions. This is a topic which concerns only me something. I do not speak / write to you about something too general.

If you can think of a better theme, then steer the conversation in that direction. If you can not think of another topic, simply say that you is about intimate.

To ignore! Your uncle seems interest other than just verwandschaft asking to have on you

ll ask his wife what she thinks of such questions to other women

something of NEM old man, uaahhh

No you do not! Such questions, I would simply ignore. You do not answer every question yes ?!

Nope, your uncle is simply an insolent man.

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