Which rim size?

Hey, I drive a VW Polo 9n3 facelift with tires of the size 205 45 R16. How big the rims must have. Would not like to define but which do not have that size have.

Thank you in advance for the reply :-)

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with 205/45 R16 you can drive 6,5-7,5x16Zoll rims. 6.5-7.5 "is the rim width.

Here are some example rims
http://www.felgenshop.de/volkswagen-vw-polo-iv-9n-9n3-alufelgen/# !felgenfilter/zoll=16/sortiert=Standard


Can at each wheel Seller tire size specify (or the vehicle model) - then you get louder suitable offers.

R16 is as 16-inch wheels - 205 is the tire width - to then fit the rim specified.

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