Which shell for MTB?


I would like to know how long you could drive a coat, so how much profile he should not have.

I also want to know which shell is good. Have been Schwalbe Rapid Rob in 29x2,25

thank you

The best answer

Depends on. The Rapid Rob is possible to use very wide, even downhill I have the already used (not as good as proper DH tires, but doable), got him going down letztenends so until he had no profile in the middle, but then the Allmountain.

But it all depends on where you use the tires. In the city, the rule of thumb: Up to the puncture protection or the wires sees in XC, AM can say: Until the profile is gone (for the rolling resistance is also very advantageous way).

Only in Enduro and Downhill, one should not completely shutdown the tires. But as are the ghosts, know bikers who change tires after each bikepark weekend, others (especially freeriders like) cut the cleats in the center before starting to have less rolling resistance. I change the DH tires when it is annoying to the loss of grip when I'm on familiar trails often than normal flying there / wegrutsche ... ^^

Which tire is good, you can not say that. If you are looking for a very smooth tires, which allows kontrollietes slides, you are well equipped with Conti Race Kings / Verticals if you but Grip is very important and the rolling resistance can be higher, I can the Rapid Rob highly recommended, slightly less hard by the rolling resistance is the Nobby Nic. Good all-rounder is the Smart Sam.

Here is a test of the most common manufacturers:

The cheap mountain bike tires weigh slightly more than its high-end models. In terms of grip that are close except for Michelin, but noticeably lower. Specialized is located at eye level. Interestingly, the low MTB tires from Continental, Michelin, and Specialized rolling slightly better than the expensive. However, bottom line, the top models offer better performance and cost between ten and 23 euros per tire more. Who wants to save, best advised to Nobby Nic Performance. MountainBIKE recommends but in general: Do not take any compromises, you invest rather in the top model.

Among the eight 29 "-Race tires the Race King of Continental has the best all-round performance. Schwalbe Nobby Nic wins in the category Tour. The budget tires cut not bad at all points from, but are most clearly behind the top models.

http: //www.mountainbike-magazin.de/test/parts/test-18-mtb-reifen-fuer-race-und-t ...


my recommendation:

Front model: Continental Mountain King 2 Protection

Model behind: Continental X-King Protection

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