Which Sims 3 Addon;? D

Hello! ^^

I as Sims 3 Fan have again a question for you:

I would like to buy a new addon which of the would you recommend me or advise and why equally named? :)

• Wild study life

• Late Night

• vitality

• Generations Pets

•Show time


The best answer

Hello Skylace! I would suggest you Get Late Night or Just Tierisch to buy! I list you briefly why :)

Late Night: At Late Night there are the city Bridgeport since you can visit discos and famous: D Only just now I created a 5 star Star: p I think it's full insidious if you chase Photo Grafe :)) Auserdem is volltoll if you goest on the road and suddenly people look at you and forth to ask you for an autograph, then clap and yell around like astray: D It's just full of funny when you 5 star Celebrity'll driven around by ner saloon as :) I you might even thousands of things mentioned but then I would not to come to you simply to tell Beastly :))))

Just Beastly: It's so cool in Appalosa Plains walking his dog to go and then meet at the dog park with other dog friendly Sims .... Besides these are the little puppies, kittens and ponies soooooooooooo sweet !!! It is also fully funny harping with his horse and participate in contests! I also collect like small animals that I find in the neighborhood are also soooo sweet _ And (I'm not sure if it still in Supernatural Pack is not ... No, but I do not think) you can there anyway at night Unicorns find befriend them and then take as pets and there you can make so cool ausergewöhnliche things I'm going to count but not to me, the characters are not too much;)

Yeah, I HIFFE I could help you with my long answer

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