Which skates are worth the money?

Hey I have the figure skating started and want me soon own skates buy only I know not from me. What can you recommend? Should give a good grip and rather slightly higher. Vlt. even with padding above.

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I can recommend you EDEA skates fully. These are good and relatively cheap. As entry model I recommend you EDEA Motivo a EDEA skid. The hardness is 35, with the better models of EDEA, z. B. Ice Fly the hardness would be 90. That's too much and these shoes are too expensive. The Motivo cost as around 130 euros. Messe your feet too, if you ask without stockings on paper and feet with pen is on paper edging out by one person. In Euro Skateshop You can then easily choose your shoe size order by texting the drawing by mail or fax. With us in the team, almost all run with these shoes.

Good luck when buying shoes and have fun while skating.


I do for 8 years now figure skating. And had a lot of skates Graaf to Riedell. I currently run with Jackson skates and Wilson runners, but I think are a little too expensive for a beginner. But, I love them, they are the best I have ever had. (A total of approximately 500 € Set)

For you, I recommend which of Graaf or Riedell, although I personally like Riedell more :)!

Have fun finding, and I hope you will find your perfect couple !! :)


in my experience are K2 Skates

value for money. Hopefully I could help you.



in my experience are K2Schlittschuhe

value for money. Hopefully I could help you.


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