which the best 3D movies on Blu-ray

Hello, what Blu-rays in 3D worth more? Not from the action, but on the level of the 3D display.

The best answer

In my opinion: Avatar, Pacific Rim, Dredd, Cars 2, Resident Evil 4, ParaNorman, I, Despicable 2, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. The I found all super both of depth, and of the Pop Out effects ago.

should Wenns really just go to the 3D display, be sure to check necessarily time to Sammy's Adventures. Although clearly intended for a young audience, but really great from the 3D implementation ....;)

Sure, Avatar is the king. But immediately following close behind at No. 2 Hugo. And then not say anything ... ;-)

Those are the only two movies where the filmmakers are of a like mind: The one should have seen in 3D.

From the quality of her repays Avatar!

Avatar - Sadako 3D - Jurassic Park 3D - Bloody Valentine 3D - Planet of the Apes 3D - Final Destination 3D

Fake Mustache 9

Expendables 3

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